1- The Submission Fee needs to be settled when the manuscript is submitted, before the pre-analysis. The payment proof should be attached as a “Supplemental file NOT for review”. The amount due is R$200.00 per manuscript. No reimbursement is possible if the manuscript is not approved in the pre-analysis or if the corrections requested in the checklist are not made within the deadline.


2- The Publication Fee is R$700.00, to be settled when the manuscript is accepted for publication.


3- The author should settle the translation payment to English, based on the choice of the translator from the list of accredited translators Texto & Contexto Enfermagem provides for this purpose.


4- The jornal is responsible for the translation of the resumen and, when necessary, of the resumo.


5- If necessary, the journal will request a Portuguese language review. The cost of this review will be the authors’ responsibility.




To access the link, access the website of the Research and Community Service Support Foundation (FAPEU): https://fap6.fapeu.org.br/scripts/fapeufap.pl/swfwfap299

Complete the form (all fields);

Check with an X the fee you are settling: submission or publication.

Select the payment option: Boleto Bancário.

Click “Enviar inscrição”.

Print the bank draft.

Pay the fee due (Banco do Brasil or Itaú).

After settling the payment, you will receive an email from FAPEU with your payment proof. The proof has to be attached in the system during the submission phase.


For international payments, the authors need to contact FAPEU by e-mail to faturas@fapeu.org.br and request payment information.

After the payment, forward an e-mail (through ScholarOne) to inform on the settlement of the payment.

If necessary, contact the jornal by email textoecontexto@contato.ufsc.br and request your payment receipt.

Obs: the submission fee will not be reimbursed for manuscripts not accepted for publication.