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Submission ScholarOne

Welcome to the manuscript submission website of the journal Texto & Contexto Enfermagem. To log in, type your user ID and password below and click Log in. If you are in doubt as to whether you have an account or not or forgot your password, type your e-mail address in the section Reset Password below. If you do not have an account, click Create An Password to register.



After the Log in, the following text will be displayed:

Welcome to the website of Texto & Contexto Enfermagem. To submit or verify the status of a manuscript submitted, click Author.


Click in Start New Submission  and  Begin Submission to submit a new manuscript;




Submission Steps


Journal standards should be complied with in all steps of the submission process. These can be consulted on:


Step 1: Type, Title and Abstract.

Typeselect the category of your article.

Title – include the manuscript title in the original language.

Abstract – Write or paste the abstract in the original language.

Attention: Make sure to include the abstract in the Main document




Click Save and Continue to save what you have typed thus far and move on to the next step.


Stept 2: Attributes.

Type the attribute in the field and click + Add

Include 5 to 8 attributes. To select them, consult the list of Health Sciences Descriptors (DeCS) available on the internet:

Attention: make sure the descriptors included in this step are the same as in the abstract.




Click Save and Continue to save what you have typed thus far and move on to the next step.


Step 3: Authors & Institutions

Under Submitting Agent, select one of the options: Author (if you are an author)or Submitting Agent (if you are not the author but are simply submitting the manuscript).


To check whether an author has already registered in the journal’s database, type your e-mail and click Search.



If the author has not registered in the system, the corresponding message will appear. Click create a new co-author. 



Include the authors’ information in the field and click Add Created Author. Repeat the operation for each author. All manuscript authors have to figure in the system.


When you have finished, click Save and Continue.


Step 4: Details & comments

Cover Letter: the author needs to explain to the editor why the manuscript deserves to be published in Texto & Contexto Enfermagem and how it has contributed to the knowledge area and its application. Indicate how each author has contributed to the article.



Under Funding, indicate whether the article is based on research that was fully or partially funded by an external source. The authors need to inform on financial support and other financial connections. Click Add Funder. Inform the name of the funder and the process number.



The field Manuscript Informations is compulsory for articles that include figures, tables and pictures, which can total a maximum of 05. Completing the field “number of words” is not compulsory for any category of articles submitted.

Under Previously Submitted, answer whether your manuscript has been previously submitted to Texto & Contexto Enfermagem or not.

In the field Cover Image, answer whether the figures included (if any) comply with the journal standards.



In addition, under Confirm the following, confirm that your manuscript has been exclusively submitted to Texto & Contexto Enfermagem; make sure the entire study complies with the ethical guidelines, including compliance with the legal requisites in the study’s country of origin; confirm that the text is complete, without the title page and acknowledgements, to permit anonymity in the peer review process.

Under Conflict of Interest, indicate any conflict of interest in the elaboration of the manuscript and, if any, inform on the authors involved and the nature of the conflict: personal, commercial, academic, political and financial.



After completing all fields, select the option Save and Continue.


Step 6: Files Upload

1. Main document: complete manuscript, complying with the journal standards for each category (original article – research, reflection, literature review, experience report). Do not include the title page;

2. Title page: displaying the title in the original language, the full name of the authors and their identification (degree, institutional affiliation, contact e-mail), corresponding author. If the article was taken from a dissertation or thesis, inform on the title, program and year of presentation;

3. Payment proof of submission fee (Supplemental files not for review);

4. Research Ethics Committee approval (Supplemental files not for review);

5. Authorization for publication and copyright transfer (Supplemental files not for review): according to model on journal website;

6. Figure: in compliance with the journal standards.


After selecting the files, click Upload Selected File to send them. The system uploads five files at a time, but other files can be attached after the Upload.




After uploading all files, select Save and Continue


Step 7: Review & Submit: carefully review all steps and, if necessary, go back and make any corrections needed.

At the end of the page, click View PDF proof. A new window will open to check the file attached to the system and confirm.

The orange button Submit will only be available after following all of these steps.

At the end, an email will be sent to confirm the submission and inform the protocol number.