Standards and instructions for manuscript publication

Manuscripts submitted in the ScholarOne system should comply with the editorial standards of Texto & Contexto Enfermagem, on the opposite they will be rejected.

The authors of the manuscripts rejected in any of the phases of the review and publication process will be informed immediately.

Manuscripts presented at events (congresses, symposia, seminars, among others) can be accepted, provided that they have not been fully published in annals and that written authorization is obtained from the organizers of the event. Manuscripts previously published in foreign journals can be accepted, provided that approval is obtained from the Board of Directors of Texto & Contexto Enfermagem, as well as authorization from the journal the manuscript was originally published in.

Manuscripts resulting from research involving human beings should indicate whether the procedures complied with the Helsinki Declaration (1964, reformulated in 1975, 1983, 1989, 1996 and 2000), as well as specific legislation (if that is the case) from the country the research was developed in. For original articles deriving from research developed in Brazil, comply with the premises of National Health Council Resolution 466, from December 12th 2012. Concerning research results, the authors should attach a copy of the Research Ethics Committee’s approval and mention, in the methods section, the Committee approval number of the project and, for Brazilian manuscripts, the number of the Presentation Certificate for Ethical Assessment (CAAE). The Resolution should not be included in the bibliography.

It is emphasized that academic plagiarism at any level is a crime. It infringes on Brazilian legislation, specifically article 184 of the Penal Code and article 7, third paragraph, of Law 9.610, issued on February 19th 1998, which determines on copyright, thus representing a civil and penal matter. Editorial conduct in case of plagiarism follows the orientations of theCode of Conduct and Best Practice Guidelines for Journal Editors do Committee on Publication Ethics(COPE) (

The authors are reminded of the importance of correctly applying grammatical and orthographic rules in writing their articles. Manuscripts will be immediately rejected after submission if they do not comply with these standards. An expert professional should be hired for Portuguese language review before the initial submission.

The authors are solely responsible for any opinions and concepts expressed in the manuscripts, as well as for the exactness, appropriateness and origin of the bibliographic citations, which do not necessarily reflect the position of the Board of Directors.


The concept of authorship adopted in Texto & Contexto Enfermagem rests on the substantial contribution of each of the persons listed as authors. The number of authors is limited to six. Exceptionally, for multicenter studies, the possibility of including more authors will be examined, depending on the relevance of the justifications presented. The inclusion of names of authors whose contribution does not comply with the above criteria cannot be justified. These persons can be included under Acknowledgements, at the end of the manuscript (consult the section Manuscript preparation). No new authors can be included after the start of the submission process.

 When the manuscript is submitted, the Title page should specify the individual contributions of each author in its elaboration. The criteria should correspond to the deliberations of the ICMJE, in which the acknowledgement of authorship should be based on substantial contribution related to the following aspects: 1. Conception and project or analysis and interpretation of the data; 2. Writing of the article or relevant critical review of the intellectual content; 3. Final approval of the version for publication. These three conditions should be fully complied with.