Categories of Articles

As well as original articles, which are given priority, experiment reports, reflections, literature reviews, interviews and drafts are accepted and published.

Original article: these are contributions destined divulge results of concluded scientific research. The creativity and style of the authors in the formatting of the manuscript are respected; however the content must be presented in the standardized form of providing an introduction, methods, results, and discussion. The introduction must be brief, must define the problem studied and its importance, and highlight some of knowledge gaps –“the state of the art”. The methods employed, the population studied, the source of the data, and the criteria for selection, among other information should be described in a comprehensive and complete fashion.  It is necessary to include the protocol number for approval given by the Committee of Ethics in Research, and state that the study was conducted according to the necessary ethical standards. The results must be described in a logical sequence.  When tables, pictures, and/or figures are used, the text must be complementary and not simply repeat the content displayed in these visuals. The discussion, which can be written together with the results, must contain comparison of the results with those found in relevant literature, the authors’ interpretation, the implications of their findings, and limitations and/or implications for future research. It is important to emphasize the new and important aspects of one’s particular study and clearly state whatever conclusions arise from these aspects.  The article must be limited to 15 pages in its entirety.

Experiment reports: descriptions of academic, care, and extension experiments.  These must be limited to 15 pages in their entirety.

Essays: this material is opinionated in nature, or analyses questions that may contribute to a deeper understanding of themes related to the area of health care and nursing, in accordance with the specific themes of the Journal.  These must be limited to 15 pages in their entirety.

Literature reviews: relate the evaluation of literature concerning specific themes. They must include a section which describes the methods utilized to locate, select, extract, and synthesize the data and conclusions.  These must be limited to 15 pages in their entirety.